Travel Clinic

Crown Medical Travel Clinic is now open for services at Crown Medical Support Services in Minneapolis.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for the traveler, ranging from pre-travel consultation to post-travel care and follow-up. Our travel health consultation will be specific to the geographic location, potential infectious diseases anticipated and other health dangers the traveler may encounter when traveling to a destination. We offer comprehensive immunization, medication management, prescription and counseling to potential travelers. Most importantly, we currently offer yellow Fever Vaccination.

Schedule an appointment a week or 2 before your scheduled traveling. or even contact us by phone 612-871-4354.


Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted from mosquitoes to humans during the day in parts of South
America and Sub-Saharan Africa

Transmission of Yellow Fever Virus

Symptoms of yellow fever include fever, muscle pain, headache, loss of appetite, vomiting, and nausea. The time from infection to onset of illness is approximately 3-6 days. In about 15% of infected patients, symptoms progress into jaundice, abdominal pain, vomiting, and hemorrhage
Vaccination against yellow fever provides lifelong protective immunity after 10 days for most people. Several countries where yellow fever is endemic require proof of vaccination in the form of CDC approved Yellow Card before entry into the country is permitted.
Vaccination against yellow fever may cause symptoms such as mild soreness at site of injection, muscle pain, and headache. Individuals at increased risk of developing a reaction to the vaccine. These include infants between 6-8 months old, individuals over 60, or individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Certain people should not receive the vaccine. This includes people who have allergies to the vaccine or components of the vaccine such as chicken protein, those under 6 months, and those who are immunosuppressed or immunocompromised. Your provider will assist you make such a determination.